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California Stories

The Cyrus Clarke Band

Initial release : 1999

Ranch Records RR 11256

Includes a cover version of the Garcia/Hunter song New Speedway Boogie.

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  • Dulcet One (Clarke)
  • Levee Blues (Clarke)
  • California Rose (Clarke)
  • Desperado Blues (Clarke)
  • Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) (Guthrie / Hoffman)
  • Late Ride (Clarke)
  • All Night Woman (Clarke)
  • Fresno Girl (Clarke)
  • Safe at Anchor (Wolf)
  • New Speedway Boogie (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Daphne Dear (Clarke)
  • Cottonwood Waltz (Clarke)
  • Hurry on Down to the Mission (Clarke)

The Band;

  • Cyrus Clarke - acoustic guitars, vocals
  • Tom Corbett - mandolin
  • Barney Tower - electric guitars, accordion
  • Gary Sangenitto - bass
  • Tom Lackner - drums, percussion
  • Rosie Tower - harmony vocals
Supporting Players;
  • Tom Ball - harmonica
  • Bill Flores - dobro, pedal steel guitar
  • Bob Liepman - cello
  • Daniel Lower - harmony vocals

  • Producer, arranger - Cyrus Clarke
  • Tracking engineer - Wayne Sabbak at Riviera Studios, Santa Barbara, California
  • Mixing engineer - Tom Flowers at Orange Whip Recording, Santa Barbara, California
  • Mastering - Mark Casselman at Orange Whip Recording
  • Tracking assistance - Bruce Winters
  • Production assistance and Didwa - Mark Casselman
  • Cover photo - Kirk Candlish
  • Band photo - Barney Tower
  • Road photos - David Ryan (sunset), Bill Gallery (sideview mirror)
  • Additional photos - David Barker
  • Cover and package design - David Barker
  • There are too many people to thank for the support and effort given through the years. You all know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your inspiration, love, support, and understanding.
  • This recording is dedicated to my friend, Robin Caston.
  • Special thanks to Kirk Candlish, Dave Barker, Mark Casselman, Tom Flowers, Wayne Sabbak, Mike Danner, my family and the loves of my life, Lisa, Maggie, and Meriwether