The Cauldron Journey for Healing with Kuan Yin

Nicki Scully

Initial release : Early 1990s

Jerry Garcia plays on and composed some of the music for this 'healing' tape.


This is healing or meditation tape with accompanying music composed by Roland Butcher with Jerry Garcia.

The notes that accompany the cassette include the following;

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead has graciously donated additional musical accentuation to this work. He plays synthesized music through his guitar. He and the Grateful Dead have contributed significantly to vital health and environmental issues including AIDS and saving the rain forests. Thank you, Jerry, for helping to fulfill this dream.
Nicki Scully's web site describes it as follows;
Receive healing guidance from Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion. Accompanied by the music of Roland Barker and Jerry Garcia, you journey to a land of peace and tranquility. Here, this ancient teacher grants you self-knowledge and the opportunity to deepen your own healing process. This tape is very helpful for those with physical and emotional ailments.

We offer this tape free to all people suffering from AIDS, leukemia and cancer. All proceeds from the sale of this tape go toward creating more to give away.

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