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Cookin' at the WOW Hall

Gregg's Eggs

Initial release : 2000?


This live CD includes a cover of one Garcia/Hunter song, Gomorrah, and at least one other song written by Robert Hunter and Greg Anton. More information and a copy of the CD can be obtained from the Gregg's Eggs web site.


  • Song for Lisa/Huevos Rancheros
  • Friday Hand (Anton/Hunter/Tamburo)
  • Gomorrah (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Baby I Love You (Baby Baby)
  • Son of Mr. Greenjeans / Drum thing/ Greenjeans

  • Greg Anton - drums
  • Chip Roland - keys
  • Mari (Mack) Tamburo - vocal
  • Futoshi Morioka - guitar
  • Chris Wilson - bass
  • Lonnie Showtime - percussion

  • Recorded live at the WOW Hall.