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Copperhead Road

Steve Earle

Initial release : 1988

Uni Records


  • Copperhead Road (Earle)
  • Snake Oil (Earle)
  • Back to the Wall (Earle)
  • The Devil's Right Hand (Earle)
  • Johnny Come Lately (Earle)
  • Even When I'm Blue (Earle)
  • You Belong to Me (Earle)
  • Waiting on You (Earle / Bennett)
  • Once You Love (Earle / Crane)
  • Nothing but a Child (Earle)
The 2008 deluxe double CD edition of Copperhead Road comprised one CD with the original album tracks, as above, plus a second bonus CD with the following live tracks:
  • The Devil's Right Hand (Earle)
  • Fearless Heart (Earle)
  • San Antonio Girl (Earle)
  • Nobody but You / Continental Trailways Bus (Earle)
  • My Baby Worships Me (Earle)
  • Wheels (Hillman / Parsons)
  • The Week of Living Dangerously (Earle)
  • Johnny Come Lately (Earle)
  • Brown and Root (Harris / Crowell)
  • I Love You Too Much (Earle)
  • It's All Up to You (Earle / Stinson)
  • Nebraska (Bruce Springsteen)
  • Copperhead Road (Earle)
  • I Ain't Ever Satisfied (Earle)
  • Dead Flowers (Jagger / Richards)
  • Little Sister (Trooper)
  • Guitar Town (Earle)

On the original album:

  • Steve Earle - guitar, harmonica, mandolin, vocals
  • Donny Roberts - guitar, bass
  • Bill Lloyd - guitar
  • Bucky Baxter - pedal steel, dobro
  • Ken Moore - synthesizer, organ
  • John Jarvis - piano
  • Kelly Looney - bass
  • Kurt Custer - drums
  • Neil MacColl - mandolin (on Johnny Come Lately)
  • The Pogues (on Johnny Come Lately)
    Terry Woods - cittern
    Phil Chevron - guitar, vocals
    Jem Finer - banjo
    James Fearnley - accordion
    Spider Stacy - tin whistle, vocals
    Shane MacGowan - banjo, bodhran
    Darryl Hunt - bass
    Andrew Ranken - drums
  • Telluride (on Nothing But A Child)
    Sam Bush - mandolin
    Jerry Douglas - dobro
    Mark O'Connor - violin
    Edgar Meyer - bass violin
  • John Cowan, Maria McKee, Radney Foster - background vocals

  • Digitally recording - Joe Hardy
  • Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN
  • Johnny Come Lately recording - Chris Birkett
  • Johnny Come Lately recorded at Livingstone Studios, London
  • Second engineer (Memphis) - Mark J.Coddington, Tom Luane
  • Second engineer (London) - Julius Croaol, George Shilling
  • Pre-production engineer - Andy Byrd, Dale Brown, Jack Burke
  • Mastering - Bob Ludwig at Master Disc
  • Art direction - Simon Levy
  • Design - Jeff Morris
  • Photography - Empire Studio
  • Original illustration - Jim O'Connor
  • Patch - June Beard

The tracks on the 2008 deluxe edition bonus CD are from the following sources.

The Devil's Right Hand, Fearless Heart, San Antonio Girl, Nobody but You / Continental Trailways Bus, My Baby Worships Me, Wheels, The Week of Living Dangerously, Johnny Come Lately, Brown and Root, I Love You Too Much and It's All Up to You - live, Raleigh, North Carolina, November 19, 1987

Nebraska - solo, live, 1988

Copperhead Road, I Ain't Ever Satisfied, Dead Flowers, Little Sister and Guitar Town - live, Calgary, Canada, April 1989

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The Copperhead Road album was subsequently included in the 3 CD set:

  • Chronicles, Steve Earle, 2005
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