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Cross Between


Initial release : 1971

Warner Brothers WS 1920

Lamb's second LP. Jerry Garcia plays on 3 tracks but is only is thanked on the cover of the album rather than credited as a musician. This album was released on CD in 2010.


  • Flying (Mauritz)
  • Now's Not The Time (Mauritz)
  • Cross Between (Mauritz)
  • Sleepwalkers (Swanson . Mauritz)
  • Reach High (Cain / Corbitt)
  • Ku (Swanson / Mauritz)
  • While Waiting (Swanson / Mauritz)
  • Flotation (Mauritz)
  • Milo And The Travellers (Swanson / Mauritz)

Lamb included;

  • Barbara Mauritz - keyboards, vocals
  • Bob Swanson - guitar, banjo
  • David Hayes - bass
Other musicians involved;
  • Bill Atwood
  • Ed Bogus
  • Ellen Dessier
  • Bill Douglas
  • Lawrence Duckles
  • Dick Fenner
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Kenneth Goldsmith
  • Ed Jaug
  • Tom Heimberg
  • Mitchell Howie
  • Robert Hughes
  • Anne Kish
  • Gordon Messick
  • Lawrence Sousa
  • Germaine Wallace
Jerry Garcia plays on Flying (banjo), Flotation (pedal steel) and Reach High (pedal steel)


  • Producers - Fred Catero, Bob Swanson, Barbara Mauritz, Walter Rapaport
  • Engineer - Fred Catero
  • Recorded at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco

Garcia's contribution to this LP is not documented on the LP cover. There is simply a note on the back cover that says;

"Special thanks to Jerry Garcia"
which has been interpreted as meaning Garcia played on the album.

It has subsequently been confirmed by Walter Rapaport, the co-producer of the album, that Garcia played on Flying, Flotation and Reach High. The contribution to Flotation is apparently only 4 notes.

The tracks featuring Garcia were recorded at Wally Heider's on October 5, 1970.

Lamb started out as a folk duo, Barbara Mauritz and Bob Swanson, and subsequently expanded into a 5 piece group. They featured in the film Fillmore, 1972.

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