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David Grisman Quintet

Initial release : June 2002

Acoustic Disc ACD 49

The first DGQ release for 7 years.


  • Citizens Of Dawgnation (Grisman)
  • Slade (Grisman)
  • Mellow Mang (Grisman)
  • Why Did The Mouse Marry The Elephant? (Grisman)
  • Cha Cha Chihauhau (Grisman)
  • Desert Dawg (Grisman)
  • Twin Town (Grisman)
  • Vivace (Grisman)
  • Mr. Coolberg (Grisman)
  • Dawgnation (Grisman)
  • Bluegrass At The Beach (Grisman)
  • Argentine Trio (Grisman)
  • Dawg After Dark (Grisman)
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  • David Grisman - mandolin, mandola, piccolo mandolin
  • Enrique Coria - guitars, whistling
  • Joe Craven - percussion, violin, mandolin
  • Matt Eakle - flute, bass flute
  • James Kerwin - bass

  • Producer - David Grisman
  • Executive producer - Craig Miller
  • Recording - David Dennison
  • Additional recording - Larry Cummings, David Grisman
  • Recorded at Dawg Studios
  • Mastering - Paul Stubblebine
  • Poem - Sam Grisman
  • Notes - Dexter Johnson
  • Photography - D. Brent Hauseman, John Youngblood
  • Dog photographs - Citizens of Dawgnation
  • Thanks to - Jono Schrode, Rob Bleetstein, Jack Crymes, Pamela and Sam Grisman, Mike Moser, Reed Robins, Artie and Harriet Rose, Birkenstock, D'Addario Strings, D'Andrea picks, Hallie's Diner, Jerome's Barbecue, Waverley Tuners
Most of the tracks on this CD have dedications noted in the CD booklet;
  • Slade - for Charles Sawtelle
  • Mellow Mang - for Monroe Grisman
  • Why Did The Mouse Marry The Elephant? - for Edgar Meyer
  • Cha Cha Chihauhau - for Jana Kerwin
  • Desert Dawg - for Michael Brussel
  • Twin Town - for Miles and Aliya Grisman
  • Mr. Coolberg - for Andy Kulberg
  • Dawgnation - for Spudboy
  • Argentine Trio - for Rudy Cipolla
Related releases

A promotional CD was released in conjunction with Dawgnation that included both edited and full album versions of Slade, Cha Cha Chihuahua and Mellow Mang.