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Dead Giveaway

Be Gulls

Initial release : 2016

Soild Gold Records

A limited edition LP of covers of a Grateful Dead songs.


Side A:

  • Mexicali Blues
  • Shake Sugaree *
  • Box Of Rain
  • Ship Of Fools
Side B:
  • Stella Blue
  • Eyes Of The World
* this song is listed as Shake Sugaree on the album packaging but is credited to the Grateful Dead. Probably Sugaree?


  • Kyle Field
  • Lee Baggett
  • Aram Stith (track 1)
  • Ned Oldham (track 1)

200 copies of the LP were released. 170 copies on translucent gold vinyl and 30 on gold vinyl with red, white and blue splatter. A further 40 copies were released on green vinyl with "Pressman's Choice" splatter and packaged in handmade covers by Kyle Field and Lee Baggett. It is possible that some cassette versions were also released.

album cover

album cover