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Desert Horizon

Norton Buffalo

Initial release : 1978

Capitol 11847

Mickey Hart plays on, produced and recorded one track of this album.

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  • Echoes Of The Last Stampede (Buffalo)
  • Desert Horizon (Buffalo/McFee)
  • Age Old Puppet (Russell)
  • Wasn't It Bad Enough (Buffalo)
  • Thinkin' 'Bout You Babe (Buffalo)
  • Hopin' You'll Come Back (Russell)
  • High Tide In Wingo (Buffalo)
  • Walkin' Down To Suzy's (Buffalo/McFee)
  • Cold,Cold City Nights (Buffalo)
  • Where Has She Gone (Buffalo)
  • Sun Comes In The Morning (Buffalo/Shapiro)
  • Anni In The Wind (Buffalo)



Mickey Hart plays onDesert Horizon with the following musicians;

  • Norton Buffalo - harmonica, vocals
  • John McFee - guitar, electric sitar, pedal steel
  • Fred Jones - pedal steel
  • Byron Allred - clavinet
  • Bob McFee - bass
  • Kirk Harwood - drums
  • Mickey Hart - percussion
The musicians on the other tracks are as follows;

  • Norton Buffalo - harmonica, percussion, jews harp, vibes, vocals
  • Byron Allred - synthesizer, fender rhodes, organ, piano
  • Bobby Black - pedal steel
  • Bill Champlin - vocals
  • Joe Chemay - bass
  • Gary Creller - bass
  • Greg Douglass - guitar
  • Kirk Harwood - drums, congas, washboard
  • John Hobbs - keyboards
  • Fred Jones - pedal steel, dobro
  • Bobby Kimball - vocals
  • David Ladd - flute
  • Nicolette Larson - vocals
  • Gary Mallaber - drums, percussion, syn-drum
  • John McFee - guitar, pedal steel
  • Phil Richardson - violin
  • Dave Shapiro - guitar, mandolin
  • Tower of Power Horns - Greg Adams, Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Mic Gillette, Lenny Pickett, Emilio Castillo


  • Producer - Norton Buffalo
  • Executive producer - Steve Miller
  • Engineer - Winn Kutz, Jim Gaines
  • Assistant engineer - Allen Sudduth
  • Producer, engineer (Desert Horizon) - Mickey Hart
  • Horn arrangements - Greg Adams
  • String arrangements - Andy Stein, Phil Richardson, Dave Shapiro, Norton Buffalo
  • Original cover design - Richard Kriegler
  • Photos - Kristen Anacker, Randy Bachman, Norton Buffalo, Ann Ashley, Rod Gibson
  • Special thanks to - Steve Miller, Greg and Ernie Fischenback, John Toomey, Bruce Garfield, Wally Clegg, Rick Lillien, John McFee
  • The Stampede - Dave Shapiro, 'Doctor' Fred Jones, Phil Richardson, Gary Creller, Kirk Harwood 'The Madman'
  • The Bionic Ear Award goes to Jim Gaines and His Magic Fingers

  • Recorded at Cherokee Studios, LA; The Barn, Novato; Fimways/Heider Recording;
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This album was included in a two LP on one CD re-release;

Mickey Hart also played on the other original album on this two album reissue;