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Initial release : 1988

Relix 2031 (US) / Big Beat WIK83 (UK) / Line Records (Germany)

Robert Hunter performs on one song and co-wrote two of the song on this album.


  • Lay Back Baby (Saunders / McPherson)
  • Strange Way (Melton / Zimmels)
  • Do I Move You? (Simone)
  • Butcher's Boy (Traditional arr. Melton)
  • Good Old Rock 'N Roll (Melton)
  • Resurrection Rag (Saunders / Hunter)
  • Who Makes Moves? (Hunter / Melton)
  • Mona (I Need You Baby) (McDaniel)
The CD release includes two extra tracks;
  • Fossil Fuel (Cipollina)
  • Motel Party Baby (Cipollina / Philippet)

  • John Cipollina - guitar, vocals
  • Barry Melton - guitar, vocals
  • Peter Albin - bass, vocals
  • Spencer Dryden - drums
  • Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
  • Robert Hunter - vocals (Who Makes Moves? only)

  • Producer - John Cipollina, Merl Saunders and Dinosaurs
  • Engineer - Tom Flye, Bob Hodas, Bob Skye
  • Remix - Tom Flye
  • Mastering - George Horn
  • Post-production - John Hadden
  • Project coordinator - Steve Keyser
  • Front cover - Dennis Nolan
  • Graphics - Alton Kelley
  • Back cover photo - Alan Blaustein
  • Graphics - Mike Dolgushkin
  • Liner notes (Linosaur Diner Notes) - Robert Hunter
  • Many thanks to - Avrom Ash, Kevyn Clark, Sindi Cooper, Thad Cordes, Greg Elmore, Charlie Kaiser, Kenn Roberts, Hal and Sandy Royaltey, Mike Somaville, Dan Watham, Wally Watham, Debbie Wilensky and especially Rick Hubbard

  • This project was recorded at Tres Virgos Studios, San Rafael; Studio D, Sausalito and remote recording by The Plant Studios at The Cabaret, Cotati
  • Remixed at Prairie Sun Recorders, Cotati and Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
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