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Doll Hut/Fiesta En La Biblioteca

The Pontiac Brothers

Initial release : September 1993

Frontier Records 34637

Two-On-One album that includes a version of Brown Eyed Women from the Pontiac Brothers album Fiesta En La Biblioteca.

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  • Work With Me
  • It's Alright At Home
  • Out In The Rain
  • Straight And Narrow
  • Keep The Promise
  • Too Much Been Said
  • Whole Damn World
  • Almost Human
  • Judy's Problem
  • New Pusher Blues
  • While I Sleep
  • She Knows It (Simon/Dotson)
  • Old And In The Way (Simon/Dotson)
  • Look Out For That Train (Valdez/Simon)
  • Doll Hut (Simon/Dotson)
  • Brown Eyed Women (Garcia/Hunter)
  • She Likes Rock (The Ballad Of Nora Kuzman) (The Pontiac Brothers/Hager)
  • The Thing Just Goes (Dotson)
  • Can't Get Out Of Bed (Dotson)
  • Girl From El Reno (Valdez/Simon)
  • Don't Have To Die (Simon/Dotson)
  • Be Married Song (Dotson)
  • If You've Got To Go, Go Now (bonus track) (Dylan)

Pontiac Brothers;

  • Matt Simon - vocals
  • Ward Dotson - guitar
  • Jon Wahl - guitar
  • Glen Floyd - guitar
  • Kurt Bauman - bass
  • D.A. Valdez - drums, guitar
Additional musicians;
  • Annette Vargas - vocals
  • Sue Gorilla - vocals
  • Dude Gnarly - guitar
  • Dan McGough - keyboards

  • Producers - Chaz Ramirez, The Pontiac Brothers, Junior, Candii Samples, Brett Gurewitz
  • Engineer - Randy Burns
  • Photography - The Pontiac Brothers, D.A. Valdez, Ed Colver, Sarah Apfel, Kim White
  • Illustrations - Wendy Sherman
  • Recorded at the Casbah, Fullerton, California; El Dorado Studios and Westbeach Hollywood
Related releases

This two-on-one reissue comprises two Pontiac Brothers albums plus one previously unreleased track;

  • Fiesta En La Biblioteca, The Pontiac Brothers, 198? (which included Brown Eyed Women)
  • Doll Hut, The Pontiac Brothers, 198?