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Keller Williams

Initial release: 2007

Sci Fidelity 1058

Bob Weir is one of many guests playing on this album.


  • Play This
  • Celebrate Your Youth
  • Cadillac
  • Ninja of Love
  • Kiwi and the Apricot
  • People Watchin'
  • Cookies
  • Rainy Day
  • Sing For My Dinner
  • Restraint
  • Life
  • Twinkle
  • Got No Feathers
  • Slo Mo Balloon
  • Lil' Sexy Blues
  • Bendix/Dance Hippie

Musicians include;

  • Keller Williams - guitar, vocals

  • Jeff Covert (on Play This)
  • Modereko (on Celebrate Your Youth)
  • John D'Earth (on Celebrate Your Youth)
  • Bob Weir (on Cadillac)
  • Michael Franti (on Ninja Of Love)
  • Charlie Hunter (on Kiwi And The Apricot and Slo Mo Balloon)
  • Bela Fleck (on People Watchin')
  • Victor Wooten (on People Watchin' and Got No Feathers)
  • Jeff Sipe (on People Watchin' and Got No Feathers)
  • Fareed Haque (on Cookies)
  • Martin Sexton (on Rainy Day)
  • The String Cheese Incident (on Sing For My Dinner)
  • Steve Kimock (on Twinkle)
  • John Molo (on Twinkle)
  • John Scofield (on Got No Feathers)
  • Fleming McWilliams (on Slo Mo Balloon)
  • Samir Chatterjee (on Lil' Sexy Blues)
  • Sanjay Mishra (on Lil' Sexy Blues)
  • Ella Williams (on Bendix/Dance Hippie)

  • plus other musicians
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