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Elpee for Another Time

Fire Dept

Initial release : 1996

Yep! 3

This album includes a cover of The Only Time is Now. The song is listed as Walking In The Sun which was the title used on bootlegs for the only widely known version of the song in 1996.

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  • Archæopteryx
  • Steel Ramparts
  • Walking in the Sun
  • Sean Breeze
  • The Group Templar
  • All Over the Night
  • Lighter Light
  • Population of Tyme
  • The Golden Egg
  • Where d'You Keep Your Heart?
  • Baby, I've Got News for You
  • She Saw Me
  • Last One There

  • Neil Palmer - guitar, percussion, piano, vocals
  • Johnny Johnson - bass
  • Rob Taylor - percussion, drums, backing vocals

An audio version of the song can be heard at