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Encore Encore

Fairport Convention

Initial release : 1979 (2000 on Relix)

(Relix 2106)

Relix CD reissue of the LP that was originally released in 1979 as Farewell, Farewell. The CD reissue has additional tracks.

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  • Matty Groves/High Road To Linton (Traditional)
  • Orange Blossom Special (Rouse)
  • John Lee (Swarbrick)
  • Bridge Over The River Ash (Traditional)
  • Sir Patrick Spens (Traditional)
  • Mr. Lacey (Hutchings)
  • Walk Awhile (Swarbrick/Thompson)
  • The Bonny Black Hare (Traditional)
  • The Journeyman's Grace (Swarbrick/Thompson)
  • Meet on the Ledge (Thompson)
  • Rubber Band (Waterson/Waterson/Waterson/Waterson) *
  • Hen's March Through The Midden (Traditional) *
  • Flatback Caper (Traditional) *
  • Dirty Linen (Traditional) *
* Additional tracks on CD release


  • Simon Nicol - guitar, vocals
  • Dave Swarbrick - mandolin, fiddle, vocals
  • Dave Pegg - bass, vocals
  • Bruce Rowlands - drums
Related releases

The first 10 tracks on this CD were originally released on what was at the time thought to be Fairport's farewell album;

  • Farewell, Farewell, Fairport Convention, 1979
The album was remastered and released on CD in 1997 with the addition of a track that had been released as a single, Rubber Band, and three live tracks; Hens March/Four Poster Bed, Flatback Caper and Dirty Linen. The rerelease was retitled as the album turned out not to be a farewell album;
  • Encore, Encore, Fairport Convention, 1997
The Relix release is a reissue of this CD release.