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Escape From Noise


Initial release : 1987

SST Records SST - CD 133

Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart contribute to one track on this album.


  • Announcement
  • Quiet Please
  • Michael Jackson
  • Escape from Noise
  • The Playboy Channel
  • Stress in the Marriage
  • Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song
  • Over the Hiccups
  • Sycamore
  • Car Bomb
  • Methods of Torture
  • Yellow Black and Rectangular
  • Backstage Pass
  • Christianity Is Stupid
  • Time Zones
  • You Don't Even Live Here
  • The Way of It
  • Endscape

Escape From Noise was made by:

  • Mark Hosler - vocals, synthesizer, guitar, voice tapes, percussion, rhythm loops, bomb parts, David manipulation, tiny metal banjo, recorder, lots of other noises
  • Don Joyce - yelling, talking tapes, electric tympani, synthesizer, lyrics, vocals, booper bee, bomb parts and assembly, noises everywhere
  • Chris Grigg - drums, synthesizer, vocals, computer and software, field recordings
  • David Wills - talking, short-wave, family tape, bomb parts, regular booper
  • Richard Lyons - singing, lyrics, voice
With contributions from:
  • Ian Allen - helicopter (track 9), rhythm loop (track 10), bell (track 5)
  • Jello Biafra - toilet flushing (track 5)
  • Das - voice tapes (track 2)
  • Dian Emerson - wordless vocals (track 16)
  • Steve Fisk - optigon and voice tapes (track 3)
  • Tera Freedman - voice tape (track 13)
  • Phil Freihofner - bomb parts (track 10)
  • Ed Markmann - paid voice (track 3)
  • Fred Frith - urban drum and halfspeed violin (track 3)
  • Jerry Garcia - mouth sounds and chimes (track 13)
  • Alexander Hacke - metal noises (track 14)
  • Mickey Hart - percussion and processed animals (track 13)
  • Tom Herman - torture guitars (track 11)
  • Henry Kaiser - doublespeed disco guitars (track 2)
  • Louisa Michaels - singing (track 8)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh - jazz bass, Jimi Hendrix, e-cussion, saxophone and noises (track 5)
  • The Residents - hoots and clanging (track 16)
  • Rev. Ivan Stang - larynx (track 14)
  • Rand Weatherwax - hits and e-cussion (track 2)
  • Rob Wortman - leaf blower (track 16)

  • Graphics, art and design - Negativeland, Peter Montgomery, Francesca Freedman
  • Mixing - Mark Hosler, Don Joyce, Chris Grigg
  • Disc mastering - George Horn
  • Recorded at our home (R.I.P. IHS) and other people's homes 1983 - 1987
  • Thanks to Crosely and everyone who helped out after the fire.
  • Special thanks to C. Elliot Friday and Universal Media Netweb

Thanks to Eric Levy who spoke to Mark Hosler of Negativland to clarify Garcia and Hart's contribution to this recording. To summarise:

The Garcia and Hart contributions are extracted from a tape that Mark Hosler and Chris Grigg obtained that was part of a project that Garcia and Hart had begun, but not finished. Negativland were given permission to use this tape.

The voice that sounds like Garcia talking about being a guitarist, living in San Francisco and making homophobic comments is not Garcia. In fact according to Hosler it's more or less impossible to pick out Garcia's contribution to the track. Hart can be heard playing the thundering drum at the end of the track.

A note inside the CD states:

"The Escape From Noise LP comes with a bumper sticker and a 20 page booklet - which of course, won't fit into this compact disk box. If you'd like information on how to get them, please write to NEGATIVELAND STICKER/BOOKLET OFFER, 1920 Monument Blvd., MF-1, Concord, CA 94520.

The information in this discography entry is based on that provided with the CD and therefore does not include whatever may be available in the LP booklet. This will be included if it becomes available if appropriate.

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