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Pay It Forward #3

The Flying Other Brothers

Initial release : 2002

One of a number of live CDs produced by the band and distributed freely at shows. Includes covers of Grateful Dead songs Playing In The Band and Uncle John's Band.


  • Happy Endings
  • Greenport
  • Playing In The Band
  • Uncle John's Band
  • Playing In The Band
  • Lowell's Room
  • Arastradero Road
  • Good Night Love
  • What Game We Are Playing?
  • Take A Drive
  • Tell Me It's Okay
  • All Along The Watchtower

  • Barry Sless
  • Bert Keely
  • Roger McNamee
  • Tony Bove
  • Pete Sears
  • Ann McNamee
  • Bill Bennett
  • Jimmy Sanchez

  • Recorded live at Casa Rincon, Sedona, AZ on June 16, 2002
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