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The First Waltz

Hard Working Americans

Initial release : 2014

Melvin Records

This album includes a version of a song that incorporates lyrics from a Grateful Dead song. It also includes a cover of a Gillian Welch song that refers to deadheads.


  • Blackland Farmer (Miller)
  • Another Train / Working Man Blues (Kimbrough / Haggard)
  • Play A Train Song (Snider)
  • Mission Accomplished (Snider)
  • Run A Mile (Mead, Donnie Herron)
  • I Don't Have A Gun (Womack / Kimbrough)
  • The Mountain Song (Jeffers / Kane / Locke)
  • Straight To Hell (Kinney)
  • Stomp And Holler (Carll)
  • Guaranteed (Snider)
  • Wrecking Ball (Rawlings / Welch)
  • Come From The Heart (Leigh / Clark)

  • Todd Snider - lead vocals
  • Neal Casal - guitar, backing vocals
  • Jesse Aycock - guitar, backing vocals
  • Chad Staehly - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Dave Schools - bass, backing vocals
  • Duane Trucks - drums, percussion

The version of the song Blackland Farmer on this album incorporates the refrain that comes at the end of the Grateful Dead song New Speedway Boogie:

One way or another,
One way or another,
One way or another,
This Darkness Got To Give.
Other Hard Working Americans recorded versions of the song do not include these lyrics.

This reference is based on the assumption that the "One way or another" refrain originates with New Speedway Boogie and was not adapted by Robert Hunter from an earlier source.

It is also based on the assumption that no earlier recordings of Blackland Farmer incorporate the refrain. The original Frankie Miller recording Black Land Farmer pre-dates New Speedway Boogie by a number of years and does include any lyrics similar to the refrain.

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