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Foolish Heart / We Can Run

Grateful Dead

Initial release : October 1989

Arista 9899

CD, vinyl and cassette single release of two tracks from Built To Last. The cassette release included 5 Grateful Dead playing cards. A promo CD was released


  • Foolish Heart (Garcia/Hunter)
  • We Can Run (Mydland/Barlow)

  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
  • Mickey Hart - drums
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
  • Phil Lesh - bass
  • Brent Mydland - keyboards, vocals
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals

  • Producer - Jerry Garcia, John Cutler
  • Associate Producer/Programmer - Bob Bralove
  • Engineers - John Cutler, Tom Flye, Jeff Sterling, David Roberts, Peter Miller, Justin Kreutzmann, Chris Wiskes
  • Digital mastering - Joe Gastwirt
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Both tracks were released on;

A vinyl replica of this single with new artwork was released in 2021:
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album cover

album cover

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