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Free Your Soul....And Save My Mind

Suicidal Tendencies

Initial release : 2000

Suicidal Records 18

This release includes a son, Pop Song, that refers to the Grateful Dead.

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  • Self Destruct (Clark/Muir)
  • Su Casa Es Mi Casa (Clark/Muir)
  • No More No Less (Clark/Muir)
  • Free Your Soul...And Save My Mind (Clark/Muir)
  • Pop Song (Muir)
  • Bullenium (Clark/Muir)
  • Animal (Muir)
  • Straight from the Heart (Clark/Muir)
  • Cyco Speak (Muir)
  • Start Your Brain (Muir)
  • Public Dissension (Clark/Muir)
  • Children of the Bored (Clark/Muir)
  • Got Mutation (Clark/Muir)
  • Charlie Monroe (Clark/Muir)
  • Home (Muir/Pleasant)

  • Herman Jackson - moog bass
  • Mike Muir - vocals
  • Dean Pleasant - guitar
  • Brooks Wackerman - drums
  • Josh Paul - bass

  • Producer - Suicidal Tendencies
  • Engineer - Darian Rundall
  • Mixing - Paul Northfield
  • Artwork - Adam Siegel

The song Pop Song includes the lines;

I hate Puff Daddy
and his friend the dead fatty
And I hate the Grateful Dead
but I'll be glad when the rest of them are dead