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Garden of Forking Paths

Paul K. & the Weathermen

Initial release : 1995

MMS 7096

The rear cover of this CD is a picture of the group with a life size cardboard cut-out of Jerry Garcia, looking quite realistic, together with the caption, Jerry Garcia - rhythm guitar. This has led to some confusion as to whether Garcia actual plays on the album. He does not - it was a joke.


  • Stone in My Shoe (K.)
  • Something I Never Did Own (K.)
  • Radiant and White (K.)
  • Stolen Gems (K.)
  • To Win Is to Fail (K.)
  • The Tower (K.)
  • 7 Gates to the City (K.)
  • N*gger (K.)
  • This Broken Heart (Franklin)
  • Coconut Grove (K.)
  • Disappear (K.)
  • Jerusalem Tomorrow (Olney)
  • Carryville (K.)
  • Jimmy Blue Eyes (K.)
  • The Brush Fire (K.)
  • The History of Rain (K.)

  • Paul K. - guitar, percussion, keyboards, vocals
  • David Barrick - percussion
  • Jim Cummings - drums
  • Steve Poulton - bass, keyboards
  • Luke Würmli - harmonica, vocals
  • Eric Tunison - drums

  • Producer, liner notes - Paul K.
  • Engineer - David Barrick, Otto Helmuth
  • Design - Phillipp Karger, Jorg Jacob, Paul K.

Paul K described in an interview how the photo of Garcia came to be on the rear cover of the CD;

On the original version of Garden of Forking Paths, we printed a picture of us standing with a cardboard cutout of Jerry Garcia, and it looked totally real. I wrote a little caption that said Jerry Garcia, rhythm guitar. So immediately we started getting some press, like one reviewer in Switzerland wrote before our show, 'Paul K will be appearing with Jerry Garcia, ex-Grateful Dead,' which I thought was a stroke of genius.
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