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Guy Schwartz 2004 Box Set

Guy Schwartz

Initial release : 2004

This 4 CD box set includes a cover of Friend Of The Devil. The song Jerry Said refers to Jerry Garcia.


  • Famous Girlfriend
  • I Won't Run
  • Enjoy Yer Life
  • The Ballad of Fearless Diablo
  • Lost In Time, Lost In Love
  • Different Kind
  • She Wants The Light
  • Rain Medley (Let the Rain Fall Down/Thinking 'Bout You
  • Something Wrong
  • Hungry
  • St. James Hall
  • Waiting For the Man To Come
  • Let The Rain Fall Down
  • I Know What's Going On
  • Enough Of The Blues
  • The Girl's So Fine
  • St. James Hall
  • I Get Excited (When I See My Baby)
  • Save Me
  • Roger Needs His Money
  • What You Give
  • Where We Gonna Party Tonight?
  • In God We Trust
  • A Penny For Your Thoughts
  • Spider Hole
  • Understanding
  • Different Kind
  • The Glory of Love
  • Fishin' for Tulips
  • Mexican Tulips
  • Loving You Baby
  • Small War
  • Spanish Beat
  • Spider Hole
  • Wishful Thinking
  • Rock-N-Roll Is Gonna Be Allright
  • Waiting for the Sun
  • Waiting for the Man to Come
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Jerry Said
  • But the Night
  • Said & Done
  • Coffee Grinder
  • What Does She Want?
  • She Wants Control
  • She's Got Control
  • Alone Except For You
  • Babies Having Babies
  • Drop Top Chevy
  • Everything Was Different
  • TreeTop Jam
  • Mama Had The Blues
  • Should I?
  • This Discussion
  • Chuck Crow

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This box set brings together 4 CDs that were originally released separately. Friend Of The Devil was originally released on;

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