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Headed for the Future

Neil Diamond

Initial release : 1986

Columbia 26952

Bob Bralove provided synthesizer programming for this release.

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  • The Story of My Life
  • It Should Have Been Me
  • The Man You Need
  • Lost in Hollywood
  • Stand up for Love
  • I'll See You on the Radio (Laura)
  • Me Beside You
  • Angel
  • Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  • Headed for the Future


Musicians include;

  • Neil Diamond - vocals
  • Bobby Caldwell - guitar, vocals
  • Herbie Hancock - synthesizer
  • Burt Bacharach - synthesizer
  • Paulinho Da Costa - percussion
  • Tom Hensley - synthesizer, piano
  • Ron Tutt - drums
  • Stevie Wonder - synthesizer, piano, drums, vocals

Credits include;

  • Programming - Reverend Dave Boruff, Bob Bralove

Related releases

The Story of My Life and Headed for the Future were included on;

Two singles were released in conjunction with this release;

  • Headed for the Future / Angel, Neil Diamond, May 1986
  • The Story of My Life / Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Neil Diamond, July 1986