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Rory Lewis Band

Initial release : 1995


This album includes a song that refers to the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia.

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  • Dead Head Girl
  • Single Working Mother's New York City Blues
  • Hunting For Babes
  • Heroines
  • Elvis
  • Yes I Do Believe
  • Make Love To Me
  • Guitar Man
  • She Used To Shave
  • After All This time
  • Hey It's L.A!

The song Dead Head Girl includes the verses;

She said "I'd have never imagined
Such a tiny weenie square piece of paper
Could make the Dead like sound so outrageous
I guess I'll be your dead head baby" I said "No honey

Yeah somewhere near the end when old Jerry
Sang Johnny B. Goode and said goodnight'
She said she had to go to the bathroom
I guess I just forgot to wait for her