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If A Tree Falls

Various Artists

Initial release : September 1996

Earth Beat (Rhino 72495)

Vince Welnick plays on one track of this benefit album. Another track was co-written by Robert Hunter and performed by Zero.

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  • Song of the Trees (Traditional/John Trudell)
  • The Devil and the Trees (Hunter/Anton/Kimock/Roland/Murphy/Fierro/Vega)
  • Trees (Kilmer/Hoyt)
  • Never Alone (Rand)
  • If a Tree Falls (Cockburn)
  • Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye Hank Williams, Jr)
  • Priests of the Golden Bull (Sainte-Marie)
  • A Cry in the Forest (Fogelberg)
  • Where Are We Gonna Work Cherney)
  • Trees Like to Rot in the Forest (Mason/Brohawn)
  • You Can't Clearcut Your Way to Heaven (Cherney)
  • Defend the Earth (Alice Di Micele)
  • Farewell to Clayguot Sound (Reinhold/Baryluck)
  • Heart of Destruction (Ferron)
  • The Only Green World (Murphy)

The tracks on this compilation are performed by;

  • Song of the Trees - John Trudell
  • The Devil and the Trees - Zero
  • Trees - Robert Hoyt
  • Never Alone - Joanne Rand and The Little Big Band
  • If a Tree Falls - Bruce Cockburn
  • Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye - Hank Williams Jr.
  • Priests of the Golden Bull - Buffy Sainte-Marie
  • A Cry in the Forest - Dan Fogelberg
  • Where Are We Gonna Work - Jello Biafra/Mojo Nixon/Toadliquors
  • Trees Like to Rot in the Forest - The Tinklers
  • You Can't Clearcut Your Way To Heaven - Darryl Cherney
  • Defend the Earth - Alice Di Micele
  • Farewell to Clayguot Sound - The Wyrd Sisters
  • Heart of Destruction - Ferron
  • The Only Green World - Rumors Of The Big Wave
Vince Welnick plays on You Can't Clearcut Your Way To Heaven with the following musicians;
  • Darryl Cherney - acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Carol Denny - background vocals
  • JoAnne Moore - background vocals
  • Fauna Dillon-Ostrow - angel choir
  • Iona Dillon-Ostrow - angel choir
  • Jasmine Kottke - angel choir
  • Vince Welnick - piano
  • Prairie Prince - drums
  • Dave Phillips - pedal steel
  • Mark Rennick - bass
  • Tony Askins - fiddle
The line-up on the Zero performance of The Devil And The Trees, with lyrics by Robert Hunter, is;
  • Judge Murphy - lead vocals
  • Diana Mangano - background vocals
  • Steve Kimock - guitar
  • Martin Fierro - tenor saxophone
  • Bob Mocarsky - synthesizer
  • Bobby Vega - bass
  • Al Dilorio - percussion
  • Greg Anton - drums
  • Chip Roland - piano, organ

For the compilation;

  • Compilation producer - Leib Ostrow, Darryl Cherney
  • Mastering - Tim Gennert, Prairie Sun Recording Studios, Cotati
  • Art direction, design - Sandy Bassett
  • Business affairs - Maureen McCready-Glassman
  • Project management - Marianne McCormick
  • Print production management - David D Morrow
  • Photography - Greg King, David Cross, Kurt Newman, Darryl Cherney
Additional credits for some of the individual tracks;
  • Track producers - Mark Rennick, Lemon DeGeorge, Darryl Cherney
  • Engineer - Mark Rennick, Greg Anton, Rob Seifert
  • Mixing - Mark Rennick, Greg Anton
  • Assistant Engineer - Tony Krauss, Dylan Champagne
  • Remastering - Stephen Hart
Special thanks to;
  • Mark Rennick and Clifton Buck-Kauffman of Prairie Sun Recording Studios, Cotati
  • Steve Hesh
  • Rob Seifert and Buckdancer Studios
  • Robert Hunter
  • Alan Trist
  • Agnes Patak
  • KMUD Radio, Garberville
  • The law firm of Bogatin, Berchenko and Corman, San Francisco
  • Wild Horse Records
  • Dylan Champagne
  • Bruce Fremont
  • Mike Lebeaux
  • Jerry Thompson
  • Dana Lyons
  • Casey Neill
  • Stevie Black
  • Kevin Bundy
  • Lloyd Hauskins
  • Louis Bigfoot

If A Tree Falls is a benefit album for the Trees Foundation and it's affiliated conservation groups which engage activities to protect the forests of North America.

EarthBeat! Records donated 50c per copy of this album sold to the Trees Foundation. The CD booklet also states that 'various artists and writers who appear on this recording will also donate all or a portion of their royalties to the Trees Foundation'.