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Just Another Band From East LA

Los Lobos

Initial release : August 1993

Slash (Warner Brothers) 45367

Double CD compilation that includes a previously unreleased live version of the Garcia/Hunter song Bertha.

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Disc 1

  • Volver, Volver (live) (Maldonado)
  • El Cuchipe (Bueno/Orozco)
  • La Feria De La Flores (Monge)
  • Sabor A Mi (Carrillo)
  • Let's Say Goodnight (live) (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Anselma (Suedan/Trigo)
  • Will The Wolf Survive? (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • A Matter Of Time (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • I Got To Let You Know (live) (Rosas)
  • Don't Worry Baby (Pérez/Rosas/T-Bone Burnett)
  • One Time One Night (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Shakin' Shakin' Shakes (Rosas/T-Bone Burnett)
  • River Of Fools (live) (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Carabina .30-30 (live) (Nunez)
  • Tears Of God (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) (Rosas/T-Bone Burnett)
  • Come On, Let's Go (Valens)
  • La Bamba (Valens)
  • El Gusto (Ramirez)
  • Estoy Sentado Aqui (Rosas)
  • La Pistola Y El Corazon (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) (Sherman/Sherman)
Disc 2
  • Someday (previously unreleased) (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Down On The Riverbed (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Be Still (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • The Neighborhood (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • I Can't Understand (Dixon/Rosas)
  • Angel Dance (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Bertha (live) (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Saint Behind The Glass (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Angels With Dirty Faces (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Wicked Rain (live) (Rosas)
  • Kiko And The Lavender Moon (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • When The Circus Comes (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Peace (live) (Hidalgo/Pérez)
  • Bella Maria De Mi Alma (Glimcher/Kraft)
  • What's Going On (live) (Benson/Cleveland/Gaye)
  • Wrong Man Theme (previously unreleased) (Los Lobos)
  • Blue Moonlight - (previously unreleased) (Pérez/Rosas)
  • Politician (live) (Brown/Bruce)
  • New Zandu (previously unreleased) (Hidalgo/Pérez)

  • David Hidalgo - guitar, bass, accordion, vocals
  • Conrad Lozano - bass, vocals
  • Louie Perez - drums, percussion
  • Cesar Rosas - guitar, vocals
  • Steve Berlin - organ, percussion

For the compilation;

  • Mastering - David Collins at A&M Mastering Studios
  • Art direction, design - Tom Recchion, Louie Perez
  • Photography - Keith Carter, Fredrik Nilsen
  • Liner notes - Luis Torres, Bill Bentley
For the original recordings;
  • Producers - Los Lobos, T-Bone Burnette, Steve Berlin, Luis Torres, Mitchell Froom, Hal Wilner, Larry Hirsch, Tchad Blake
  • Recording engineers - Keith Keller, Cesar Rosas, David Wells, Timothy Powell
  • Mixing - Steve Berlin, Paul du Gre, Cesar Rosas
For the original recording of Bertha;
  • Recorded live at the Carefree Theatre, West Palm Beach, Florida, November 6, 1992
  • Recording engineer - Cesar Rosas, David Wells
  • Mixing - Steve Berlin, Paul du Gre, Cesar Rosas at NRG Studios

In the liner notes to Deadicated David Hidlago comments on the Grateful Dead;

The first time I really heard the Dead was the 'Live/Dead' album. St Stephen and The Eleven were one side of the record. Jerry's guitar playing really pulled me in. All that interplay that was going on was intriguing.

We were invited to open one of their shows at Laguna Seca. That was the first time I ever got to see the band live. We met the guys and got a feel for the whole thing, their playing, their audience. The whole thing seemed pretty positive.

I like Bertha. It's a good feeling song.

Garcia, Bob Weir and Los Lobos recorded a video of a performance of This Land Is Your Land in July 1989 for ABC's Nightline July 4th broadcast.

Related releases

A version of Bertha performed by Los Lobos is included on;

  • Deadicated, Various Artists, 1991, Arista ARCD 8669
Los Lobos were part of the Furthur Festival tour. A version of Bertha performed by them on the tour is included on the first Furthur tour album;
  • Furthur, Various Artists, May 1997
The songs on this collection are taken from live performances, previously unreleased studio tracks and the following Los Lobos albums;
  • Just Another Band From East L.A., Los Lobos, Independent release, 1978
  • And A Time To Dance, Los Lobos, 1983, Slash 23963
  • How Will The Wolf Survive, Los Lobos, 1984, Slash / Warner Brothers 25177
  • By The Light Of The Moon, Los Lobos, 1987, Slash / Warner Brothers 25523
  • La Pistola Y El Corazon, Los Lobos, 1988, Slash / Warner Brothers 25790
  • The Neighborhood, Los Lobos, 1990, Slash / Warner Brothers 26131
  • Kiko, Los Lobos, 1992, Slash / Warner Brothers 26786