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Keeper Of The Key

David Nelson Band

Initial release : December 1997

David Nelson Band/Nail 97001

This live recording of the David Nelson Band includes a version of the Garcia / Hunter song The Wheel. It also includes three other songs co-written by Robert Huunter and David Nelson.

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  • John Hardy's Wedding (Hunter/Nelson)
  • Wicked Messenger (Dylan)
  • Impressionists Two-Step (Hansen/Wagner)
  • The Wizard's Son (Stillson/Nelson)
  • Four: Fifty-One (Hunter/Nelson)
  • See So Far (Stillson/Nelson)
    Sage & Egg (Laymon/Nelson/Siegel/Sless/Steinhorn)
  • The Wheel (Hunter/Garcia/Kreutzmann)
  • Kick In The Head #9 (Hunter/Nelson)


  • David Nelson - guitar, vocals
  • Mookie Siegel - accordion, keyboards, vocals
  • Barry Sless - pedal steel guitar, guitar
  • Arthur Steinhorn - drums
  • Bill Laymon - bass, vocals


  • Recording engineer - Giles Cook
  • Original cover art - Stanley Mouse
  • Layout - Sean Camblin - Osage Graphics
  • Liner notes - Robert Hunter

  • Special thanks to our fans, family, and friends for your continued encouragement, support and inspiration
  • Also thnaks to Andy Lease, Michelle McFee, Annette Flowers, Steve Block, Sandy Troy, SWR, Stanley Mouse and Bob Hunter
  • Recorded live on May 6, 1995 at the Eight By Ten Club in Baltimore, Maryland