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Kentucky Home

Tim Lake

Initial release : 2000

Padraig 5443

This double CD release includes a cover of the John Dawson song Glendale Train.

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  • My Old Kentucky Home (Foster)
  • I Can Play the Banjo/Chromatic Shuffle (Lake)
  • Footprints in the Snow (Traditional)
  • Clinch Mountain Backstep (Rakes)
  • They Will Always Love You (Lake)
  • Arkansas Traveler/Arch Form (Traditional)
  • Sitting on Top of the World (Traditional)
  • Red Haired Boy (Traditional Irish Hornpipes)
  • Lonesome Road Blues (Traditional)
  • El Condor Pasa/Caravan (Ellington/Mills/Tizol/Traditoinal Andean)
  • Emily (Lake)
  • Waiting at the Alamo (Lake)
  • Sail for the Lord (Lake)
  • Grey Eagle (Traditional)
  • Keep on the Sunny Side (Carter/Garett)
  • Orange Blossom Special (Rouse)
  • Amazing Grace (Newton)
  • Was It Something You Said? (Lake)
  • Leather Britches (Traditional)
  • Light My Passageway/Cripple Creek (Lake/Traditional)
  • Only Eat When You're Hungry (Lake)
  • Temperance Reel/Gerry Owen (Jig/Traditional Irish Reel)
  • Nine Pound Hammer (Hill/Tavis)
  • Blackberry Blossom (Traditional)
  • St. James Infimary (Traditional)
  • Russian Sailor Running from a Fight (Lake)
  • Stay Mas (Lake)
  • Goldrush (Traditional)
  • John Hardy (Traditional)
  • Mississippi Sawyer/Soldiers Joy (Traditional)
  • Glendale Train (Dawson)
  • Morrison's Jig/Flowers of Edinburgh (Scottish Hornpipes/Traditional Irish Jig)
  • Sídh Beag Agus Sídh Mór (O'Carolan)


Musicians include;

  • Tim Lake - banjo, harmonica, guitar, vocals
  • Ken Holbrook - fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmony vocals
  • James Moore

  • Producer, Engineer, Mixing - Tim Lake
  • Recording engineer - Bill Johnson
  • Digital Editing - David Glasser, Tim Lake
  • Mastering - David Glasser
  • Artwork, photography - Lee Thomas

  • Recorded live at a private event on August 8, 1998