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Kentucky Hearts/Shelter from the Night


Initial release : 1999

Collectables 6094

This two on one release includes a cover of the song Fly On The Wall which was written by Bruce Hornsby and Bernie Taupin.

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  • She's a Miracle (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • I've Never Seen Anything (LeMaire/Pennington)
  • You Make It Easy (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Comin' Apart at the Seams (Marcum/Taylor)
  • Just in Case (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Give Me One More Chance (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Somethin' You Got (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • If I Didn't Love You (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Ain't That a Pity (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Crazy for Your Love (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Just One Kiss (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Shelter from the Night (Foster/Thompson)
  • My Heart's in Good Hands (LeMaire/Pennington)
  • Showdown (Lemaire/Pennington)
  • Fly on the Wall (Hornsby/Taupin)
  • Feel Like Foolin' Around (Lemaire/Pennington/Taylor)
  • I Can't Get Close Enough (LeMaire/Pennington)
  • She's Already Gone (Farrar)
  • It's You Again (LeMaire/Pennington)
  • As Long as I Have Your Memory (LeMaire/Pennington)

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Further information will be added when available.

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