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The Last Poets / This Is Madness

The Last Poets

Initial release : 2002

Light In The Attic

This 2-on-1 CD release includes the Last Poets album This Is Madness. The title song of This Is Madness includes a reference to the Grateful Dead.

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  • Run, Nigger
  • On the Subway
  • Niggers Are Scared of Revolution
  • Black Thighs
  • Gashman
  • Wake Up, Niggers
  • New York, New York
  • Jones Comin' Down
  • Just Because
  • Black Wish
  • When the Revolution Comes
  • Two Little Boys
  • Surprises
  • True Blues (Pudim)
  • Related to What Chant (Hassen / Nilija / Pudim)
  • Related to What (Hassan / Hassen)
  • Black Is Chant (Hassen / Nilija / Pudim)
  • Black Is (Hassen)
  • Time (Hassen)
  • Mean Machine Chant (Hassen / Nilija / Pudim)
  • Mean Machine (Pudim)
  • White Man's Got a God Complex (Pudim)
  • Opposites (Pudim)
  • Black People What Y'all Gon' Do Chant (Hassen / Nilija / Pudim)
  • Black People What Y'all Gon' Do (Hassen)
  • O.D. (Pudim)
  • This Is Madness Chant (Hassen / Nilija / Pudim)
  • This Is Madness (Hassan / Hassen)

The song This Is Madness opens with the following lyrics;

All my dreams have been turned
into psychedelic nightmares
with Rosemary's Baby
pissing in my face
and Tiny Tim sticking his moldy penis
into my bleeding mind
and it cries for the strength
to repel the sanctimonious sound
of the white rock group the Grateful Dead

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Tracks 1 to 13 were originally released as;

  • The Last Poets, The Last Poets, 1970
Tracks 14 to 28 were originally released as;