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Later Days and Better Lays

The Queers

Initial release : 1999

Lookout 216

This album of primarily demos includes two anti-hippie, anti-Grateful Dead, songs.

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  • Granola Head
  • I Hate Everything
  • Murder in the Brady House
  • I Won't Be
  • Nobody Likes Me
  • I Can't Stop Farting
  • Night of the Livid Queers
  • Monster Zero
  • Too Many Twinkies
  • Teenage Bonehead
  • Half Shitfaced
  • Hi Mom, It's Me!
  • I Live This Life
  • Feeling Groovy
  • Born to Do Dishes
  • Junk Freak
  • No Tit
  • Little Honda
  • End It All
  • I Can't Get over You
  • Never Ever

  • Joe Queer - guitar, vocals
  • B-Face - bass, vocals
  • Hugh O'Neill - drums, vocals

The lyrics for I Hate Everything are;

I hate anchovie pizza
Asparagus and peas
Wanting my dessert
And having to say please

I hate
Well I hate everything
I hate
Well I hate everything

I hate the Grateful Dead
Thier hippy fans are such a waste
Everything about them
Even Jerry's ugly face

I hate
Well I hate everything
I hate
Well I hate everything

I hate working around the house
I hate mowing the lawn
I hate doing my homework
I even hate this song
The lyrics for I Won't Be are;
I won't be a big fat nothing cause that just ain't me
I won't be your boyfriend because you're just so ugly

I won't be
I won't be
I won't be no one but me

I won't be a Grateful Dead freak, that shit makes me puke
I won't be you're boyfriend because I just can't stand you