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Limited Edition

David Nelson

Initial release : April 1996

David Nelson 1 (?)

David Nelson's first release under his own name. It includes three new songs co-written by Robert Hunter and David Nelson. The liner notes for this CD carry the dedication: JG, Thanks For The Inspiration.


  • Yvonne (Nelson/Stillson)
  • John Hardy's Wedding (Hunter/Nelson)
  • Born Sidestepper (Hunter/Nelson)
  • The Wizard's Son (Nelson/Stillson)
  • Freight Train Boogie (Nobar/Scott)
  • Extra Sox (Laymon/Nelson/Siegel/Sless/Steinhorn)
  • Four: Fifty-One (Hunter/Nelson)

  • David Nelson - guitars, vocals
  • Mookie Siegel - accordion, keyboards, vocals
  • Barry Sless - pedal steel guitar, guitar
  • Arthur Steinhorn - drums
  • Bill Laymon - bass, vocals

  • Engineer - Jeff Gruber, Drew Canulette
  • Mixing - Drew Canulette, David Nelson
  • Mastering - Kevin Nattleingham
  • Three tracks recorded live at the Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
  • One track recorded live at The Wetlands Preserve, New York City
  • The other tracks are studio recordings
The CD liner notes include the dedication: JG, Thanks For The Inspiration


In an interview in 1999 Nelson commented on Limited Edition;

It was meant to just be a demo to give to promoters and club owners. There's lots of different kinds of music in it. We did one day in the studio up in Portland, and recorded three songs. Then we used a live tape of our performance opening for Little Feat at the Fillmore. So we had a mix of everything; had some Hunter/Nelson songs. Bob Hunter was writing words, I was writing music.
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