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Live At Club Passim

David Rovics

Initial release : 2000


This release includes a song called Deadhead In Prison.


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  • David Rovics - guitar, vocals
  • Sean Staples - mandolin
  • Eric Royer - banjo
  • Rich Caloggero - second guitar
  • Bonnie Rovics - flute
  • Rob Laurens - bass guitar
  • Gregor Harvey - harmony vocals
  • Maria Nazzaro - harmony vocals (overdubbed in studio)

  • Live recording, mixing - Stephen Friedman at Melville Park Studio
  • Graphics, poster art - Jon Sulkow
  • Recorded at Club Passim on April 12th, 2000

The lyrics to Deadhead In Prison are reproduced below for information. They are copyright, David Rovics.

Deadhead In Prison
David Rovics

It was all about living
And the good folks of the earth
It was all about loving
This crazy accident of birth

It was all about traveling
And hearing those shoe-bells ring
It was all about dancing
And hearing the fat man sing

And it's like a bad trip in hell
Stranded and broke
Twenty years in this cell
It's like a life up in smoke

Once I sought vision
With a sweet gypsy tribe
It was about feeling
The pulse of a vibe

And sure I smoked kind bud
Did windowpane
And soaked up the beauty
Of the warm summer rain


I slept in the shadows
Of Golden Gate Park
Watched the moon shine
Felt the breeze in the dark

The whole world was mine
But I lived for a song
Now I'm caged in this cell
And the good days are gone


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