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Live at the Florence Little Theater

The Blue Dogs

Initial release : 2002

Red River 107

This live CD release includes a cover of the John Dawson song Instant Armadillo Blues.

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  • Picture Show (Prine)
  • Rainbows Over My Blues (Houck)
  • On the Road Again (Traditional)
  • Big Kitchen (Bradberry)
  • Lazy Man (Bradberry)
  • Grandma's a Stranger (Bradberry)
  • Cold Sheets of Rain (Hylton)
  • I'd Give Anything (Lammonds)
  • The Way Back (Lammonds)
  • Never Been to Spain (Axton)
  • Walls Come Down (Houck/Lammonds)
  • All of My Heroes (Bush)
  • Make My Way (Wanamaker)
  • Long Gone Goodbye (Houck)
  • Walter (Houck/Lammonds)
  • Instant Armadillo Blues (Dawson)
  • Hope She Falls in Love (Lammonds)

  • Bobby Houck - guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Hank Futch - bass, vocals
  • Greg Walker - drums, percussion
  • David Stewart
  • Doug Wanamaker - keyboards, vocals
  • Buck Bradberry - guitar, vocals
  • Jason Hawthorn - guitar
  • Phillip Lamonds - guitar, harmonica, mandolin, vocals

  • Producer, Bobby Houck
  • Recorded live on May 16, 1998 at the Florence Little Theater in Florence, SC