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Live On Stage

New Riders Of The Purple Sage

Initial release : 1992?

Relix 2059

Relix release of archive live material. This is from shows at the Beacon Theater in New York and the Keystone in Berkeley in 1975.

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  • Panama Red (Rowan)
  • Little Old Lady (Wilbur)
  • Instant Armadillo Blues (Dawson)
  • Henry (Dawson)
  • Glendale Train (Dawson)
  • Nadine (Berry)
  • Singing Cowboy (Battin)
  • Take A Letter Maria (Greaves)
  • I Will Never Make You Blue (Cline/Cline)
  • La Bamba (Valens/Traditional)

  • John Dawson - guitar, vocals
  • David Nelson - guitar, vocals
  • Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar
  • Skip Battin - bass
  • Spencer Dryden - drums

  • Cover photography - Mary Ann Mayer
  • Tape Archivist - Dave Tamarkin

  • Live at Beacon Theatre, New York, 1975 and Keystone, Berkeley, May 17, 1975
  • This CD was originally released in Europe in 1992 without my permission. Not only that, The New Riders and the authors of the songs havn't seen any royalties, and probably won't from the release. Because of that I decided that we should release it 'legally'. The material here is quite enjoyable, and I like it! I hope you do too! - John Dawson
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