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Live Orion


Initial release : 1998

Eternity's Jest

This live 'spacerock' release includes a track called Dead Raven Space.

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  • Close to the Whipping Post
  • Air
  • Siren Space
  • In My Lost Mind
  • Dead Raven Space

  • Chet Santia - bass, guitar, guitar synth, vox, percussion
  • Jay Swanson - keyboards, percussion
  • Paul Williams - drums, keyboards, loops, samples, percussion
  • Stan Lyon - stunt guitar, bass
  • Darren Gough - guitar
  • Dave Wexler - guitar

The Dead Raven Space title refers to the 'Raven Space', the title given by deadheads to the space section of the April 19, 1982 show at Baltimore during which Phil Lesh recited part of Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven.

Darren Gough's guitar parts were recorded in the studio at a later date as he was ill on the date of the live recording.