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Livin' With the Blues (2004)

Livin' With the Blues: Deluxe Edition (2021)

Vassar Clements

Initial release : 2004

Acoustic Disc 58

Blues recordings by Vassar Clements and friends. The download-only, deluxe edition released in 2021 has three additional tracks and has been remastered in high definition format


  • Cypress Grove
  • Dirty Drawers
  • Honey Babe Blues
  • Mambo Boogie
  • Phonograph Blues
  • Green Onions
  • Rube's Blues
  • Dead Cats On The Line
  • That's My Thing
  • Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
  • I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
  • Mama I'm All Out And Down
  • Fiddlin' & Faddlin'
  • Cool Drink Of Water
  • Don't Stand Behind A Mule
Bonus tracks on deluxe edition:
  • Fiddlin' and Faddlin' (alternate take)
  • Mama I'm All Out and Down (alternate take)
  • Hidden Airshaft Blues

Musicians include;

  • Vassar Clements - fiddle, vocals
  • Bob Brozman - guitar, vocals
  • Norton Buffalo - harmonica, guitar, vocals
  • Elvin Bishop - guitar, vocals
  • Roy Rogers - guitar, vocals
  • David Jacob-Strain - guitar, vocals
  • Mark Silber - guitar
  • Dave Mathews - piano
  • Ruth Davies - bass
  • Bobby Cochran - drums, vocals
  • Charlie Musselwhite - harmonica
  • Maria Muldaur - vocals

Original release:

  • Producer - David Grisman, Norton Buffalo
  • Executive producer - Craig Miller
  • Recorded at Dawg Studios by Larry Cumings and David Grisman
  • Mixed at Dawg Studios by Larry Cumings, David Grisman and Norton Buffalo
  • Mastering - Paul Stubblebine
  • Cover photograph - Gregg Mudd, Jim McGuire
  • Additional photography - Gregg Mudd, Jim McGuire, Tracy Bigelow, Norton Buffalo
  • Art direction - Brenna Ramirez
  • Liner notes - Matt Glaser
  • Special thanks - Audix Microphones, Nidge Clements, Jack Crymes, Tony and Lisa Flores, Steven Jarvis, Isabel, Artie & Harriet Rose, Suzy Thompson, Tracy, Rob Bleetstein

  • Dedicated to the memory of Millie Clements
Deluxe edition:
  • Layout - Dave "FM" Moretti

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