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Initial release : 1995

BNA 66642

This release, Lonestar's debut album, includes a song, No News, that refers to the Grateful Dead.

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  • Heartbroke Every Day (King/LaBounty/Vincent)
  • Tequila Talkin' (LaBounty/Waters)
  • I Love the Way You Do That (Cook/Rich/Wilson)
  • Runnin' Away With My Heart (Britt/Hogin/Sanders)
  • What Would It Take (Hogin/Lawson/Wilson)
  • Does Your Daddy Know About Me (Boone/Nelson/Rich)
  • Ragtop Cadillac (Lawson)
  • No News (Barnhart/Hogin/Sanders)
  • Paradise Knife and Gun Club (Rains)
  • When Cowboys Didn't Dance (Green/McDonald)

  • Dennis Burnside - piano, organ
  • Dean Sams - guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
  • Michael Britt - guitar, vocals
  • Richie McDonald - guitar, vocals
  • Mark Casstevens - guitar
  • Rob Hajacos - fiddle
  • Brent Mason - guitar
  • John Rich - bass, vocals
  • Michael Rhodes - bass
  • John Willis - guitar, sitar
  • Lonnie Wilson - drums
  • Keech Rainwater - drums
  • Glenn Worf - bass
  • Curtis Young ing vocals
  • Dennis Wilson ing vocals
  • John Wesley Tyles ing vocals
  • plus a string section

  • Producer - Don Cook, Wally Wilson
  • Engineer - Mike Bradley

The song No News has a brief reference to the Dead in the last verse which is as follows;

She missed her bus, missed her plane; surely this can be explained
Lost her car at the mall; got locked in a bathroom stall
Playing guitar with The Band; on the road with Pearl Jam
Buried with The Grateful Dead; ca as a Parrot Head
Got derailed, got de-iced; offered as a sacrifice
FBI, CIA; if they've seen her they ain't saying
No news
Still no news!