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Long Slow Fade


Initial release : 2008


Mickey Hart plays on two tracks of this release.


  • The Last Record Store (Chi)
  • Real Good Reason to Hide (Chi)
  • Further from the Truth (Chi)
  • Sweetwater Has Run Dry (Chi)
  • Photograph (Chi)
  • Waiting and Wondering (Chi)
  • True to Everybody But You (Chi)
  • In a Way That You Want It to Be (Chi)
  • Another Sequel in Hollywood (Chi)
  • The Last Record Store (Reprise) (Chi)

  • Jonathan Chi - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Jordan Feinstein - keyboards
  • John Paul McLean - bass, vocals
  • Inkx Herman - drums

  • Dave Zirbel - pedal steel, guitar
  • Mickey Hart - percussion (on The Last Record Store Reprise and Sweetwater Has Run Dry)
  • Eric Levy - keyboards
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