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Masters of Rock

The Tubes

Initial release : 2002

EMI International

European compilation of material from The Tubes Capitol albums.


  • Tube Talk
  • Don't Want to Wait Anymore
  • Think About Me
  • When You're Ready To Come
  • Talk to Ya Later
  • She's a Beauty
  • Outside Lookin' Inside
  • Wild Women Of Wongo
  • Out Of The Business
  • No Not Again
  • Theme Park
  • The Monkey Time
  • Mr. Hate
  • Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman
  • Sushi Girl
Related releases

Many of the songs on this compilation were released as singles and on LP. It is not known if these releases were of different versions of the song. It is assumed below that the single and LP versions were the same.

Talk to Ya Later, Sushi Girl, Think About Me, Mr Hate, Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman are taken from;

She's a Beauty, Outside Lookin' Inside, The Monkey Time, Theme Park, Wild Women Of Wongo, No Not Again and Out Of The Business are taken from; When You're Ready To Come is previously unreleased.

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