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Men Are Made in the Paint - An Audio Guide to The World of Basketball

Bill Walton

Initial release : February 1994

Issue Records ISS CD 002

Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart contribute to the liner notes of this double CD spoken word guide to basketball.

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Disc 1

  • Sounds of Game/Musical Intro
  • Being a Complete Player
  • Hunger & Desire
  • What the Ball Means on Offense
  • Ball Handling: Musical Interlude
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Dribbling Drills
  • Overdribbling
  • Passing: Musical Interlude
  • Introducition
  • Passing Drills
  • Passer's Responsibility
  • Different Passes
  • Touch Passes
  • Feeding the Post
  • Different Position Skills
  • Zone Vs. Man to Man
  • Foot Movement
  • When to Pass
  • Shooting: Musical Introduction
  • Offense Defined
  • Creating Offense
  • Offensive Mindset
  • Shooting Intro
  • Shooting Form
  • Eyes
  • Backboard
  • Backboard 2/Ucla Shooting Practice
  • Shot Practice
  • Getting Your Shot
  • Following Your Shot
  • Hook Shot
  • Dunk
  • Three Pointer
  • Shot Clock
  • Playing Without the Ball
  • Picks
  • Center
  • Facing the Basket
Disc 2
  • Back to Basket
  • Pivot
  • Key
  • Attacking Defenders
  • Freethrows: Musical Introduction
  • Free Throws
  • Good Free Throws
  • Free Throw Skills
  • Results & Concentration
  • Rebounding: Musical Interlude
  • Introduction
  • Jumping
  • Hands
  • Blocking out Shooter
  • Blocking out Non-Shooter
  • Know Your Opponent
  • Practicing Rebounds
  • Outlet Pass
  • Follow Your Shot
  • As a Non-Shooter
  • Wrap up - Good Opponents
  • Defense: Musical Interlude
  • Introduction
  • History of Defense
  • Importance
  • Defending as a Team
  • Defending Dribbler
  • Fingers/Dribbler
  • Defending Shooter
  • Defending Hook
  • Shot Blocking
  • Off-Ball Defense
  • Denying the Ball
  • Hands Up
  • Defending Pick & Roll
  • Press
  • Drills
  • Zone: Musical Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Man to Man Comparison
  • Offensive Rebounding Vs. Zone
  • Reacting to Zone
  • Basketball Sounds/Music

  • Bill Walton - spoken voice
  • Ray Manzarek - organ, piano

  • Producer - Harvey Robert Kubernik
  • Engineer - Jim Latham
  • Liner Notes - Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Dennis Johnson, Greg Lee, John Wooden, Bill Walton

This is a double CD spoken guide to basketball with piano and organ instrumental performance interludes by Ray Manzarek.

The following quotes are taken from Bill Walton' book, Nothing But Net - Just Give Me The Ball And Get Out Of My Way;

"I first went to a Grateful Dead concert in 1969. Twenty five years ago. I attended lots of rock concerts when I was in high school and college, but after my first Dead show I realised that I had found a home."

"Few moments in one's life are as exciting and keep you on edge as when the final minutes leading up to a Grateful Dead show click down. The warm-up chords to the first song that was just chosen have concluded. Everything is in order."

"The Grateful Dead are a creative group. Every measure is like a new trip downcourt. The players are the same, but the game/show is always different. It's never repetitive, it's never boring. The speed, creativity, timing, positioning and fluidity of both basketball and the Grateful Dead make them interchangeable components of my life."

"- you have a great view at concerts when you're 6ft 11."

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Walton is connected to three other basketball related recordings;

  • Life in Basketball, John Wooden, 1993 - Walton was producer and wrote the liner notes
  • Life Behind the Microphone, Charlie Jones, 1994 - Walton was the producer
  • Full Court Press, Jack Ramsay, 1994 - Walton was the producer