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Mirage a Trois

The Yellowjackets

Initial release : 1983

Warner Brothers 23813

Bruce Hornsby sings on this album.

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  • Claire's Song (Russell Ferrante)
  • Top Secret (Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante, Ricky Lawson)
  • I Got Rhythm (George and Ira Gershwin)
  • Pass It On (Russell Ferrante)
  • Goin' Home (Russell Ferrante)
  • Man In The Moon (Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante)
  • Elamar (Mike Miller)
  • Nimbus (Russell Ferrante)

  • Russell Ferrante - keyboards
  • Jimmy Haslip - bass
  • Ricky Lawson - drums
  • Richard Elliot - saxophone, lyricon (on Man In The Moon)
  • Mike Miller - guitar (on Elamar, Man In The Moon, Nimbus, I Got Rhythm)
  • Robben Ford - guitar (on Top Secret, Goin' Home, Man In The Moon, Pass It On)
  • James Newton-Howard - synthesizers
  • Paulinho Da Costa - percussion
  • Randy Crawford, Yolan Fischer, Max Gronenthal, Bruce Hornsby, Bill LaBounty, Brenda Russell, Marilyn Scott, Pauline Wilson - additional vocals

  • Producer - Tommy LiPuma
  • Engineer - Norm Kinney
  • Mixing - Norm Kinney
  • Assistant Engineer - Peggy McCreary, Richard McKernan, Don Koldon
  • Mastering - Bernie Grundman
  • Sequencing Consultant - Anthony McShear, Scott Page
  • Art Direction - Simon Levy
  • Design Direction - Jeff Lancaster
  • Photography - Jim Shea
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