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Mirth Control

The Stanford Band (Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band)

Initial release : 1996


This album from the Stanford Marching Band includes a version of Uncle John's Band.


  • Welcome To Paradise
  • 5:15
  • Radar Love
  • Lucretia McEvil
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Livin' In The U.S.A.
  • Life In The Fast Lane
  • Come Out And Play
  • Longview
  • Limelight
  • Come Join The Band
  • Bill Tell (William Tell Overture)
  • The Obvious Child
  • What Happened To You?
  • Aqualung
  • Steam
  • No Rain
  • Been Caught Stealing
  • Basketcase
  • What Is Hip?
  • Hey Big Brother
  • Hail, Stanford, Hail
  • Throne Room Fanfare
  • The Stanford Spellout
  • All Right Now (Victory Mix)
  • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • Uncle John's Band

Uncle John's Band is included on the Stolen Roses compilation. The notes accompanying that release include the following musician notes for the track;

Sexion Leaders;

  • Scott 'Fabio' McKissen & Jon Wagner - ABF Drumz
  • Eric 'Ietzsche' Schmitt - altos
  • Claire X Bacher & Mary Ringhoff - Bonz
  • Rika Takahashi - Clar./Picz
  • Chris Macomber & Joe Chevalier - Mellz
  • Amit Aggarwal - tenrz
  • Gloria Reyes - Toobz
  • Jeff Shorts - Trumpz

  • Producer - Chris Quaintance
  • Master Audio Engineer - Jay Kadis
  • Audio production, mixing and editing - Scott McKissen, Patrick Neschleba, Chris Quaintance
  • Assisted by - Josh Schiller, Jay Doherty
  • Recorded at Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University, November 9-11, 1995
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Uncle John's Band was included on;

An earlier version of Uncle John's Band together with a version of Truckin' were included on the album; Those earlier versions of Uncle John's Band and Truckin' were included on the compilation double CD; A version of One More Saturday Night by the Stanford Band is included on;
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