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Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions

Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions
"featuring Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Pigpen"

Initial release : 1998

Grateful Dead Merchandising GDCD 4064

One of the groups that preceded the Grateful Dead and included future Grateful Dead members. The material on this release was recorded live in 1964. Garcia, Weir and Pigpen were members of this group that evolved into the Warlocks and then the Grateful Dead. Some of the songs made the same journey into the early Grateful Dead repertoire.


  • Overseas Stomp (Jones/Shade)
  • Ain't It Crazy (aka The Rub) (Hopkins)
  • Boo Break
  • Yes She Do, No She Don't (aka I'm Satisfied with My Gal) (DeRose/Trent)
  • Memphis (Berry)
  • Boodle Am Shake (Palmer/Williams)
  • Big Fat Woman (Traditional)
  • Borneo (Donaldson)
  • My Gal
  • Shake That Thing (Jackson / Traditional)
  • Beat It on Down the Line (Fuller)
  • Cocaine Habit Blues (Hart / Shade)
  • Beedle Um Bum (Dorsey)
  • On the Road Again (Traditional)
  • The Monkey and the Engineer (Fuller)
  • In the Jailhouse Now (Rodgers)
  • Crazy Words, Crazy Tune (aka Washington at Valley Forge) (Milton Ager / Jack Yellen)
  • Band Interview

  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, kazoo, banjo,vocals
  • Ron "PigPen" McKernan - harmonica, vocals
  • Bob Weir - guitar, washtub bass, footcrasher, jug, kazoo, vocals
  • Dave Parker - washboard, kazoo, tin cup, vocals
  • Tom Stone - banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals
  • Mike Garbett - washtub bass, guitar, kazoo

  • Producer - Michael Wanger
  • Recording - Pete Wanger and Wayne Ott
  • CD Mastering - Jeffery Norman, Club Front
  • Cover Art - Timothy Truman
  • Package Design - Gecko Graphics
  • Special Thanks - John Cutler and Peter McQuaid
  • Recorded live at the Tangent, Palo Alto

Recorded in July 1964 at The Tangent in Palo Alto, by Pete Wanger and Wayne Ott, whilst collecting material for their radio programme, Live from the Top of the Tangent.

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