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Narcoossee Lucie

Jerry Mincey

Initial release : 2004

Cracker Soul Music

This release includes a song called Cherry Garcia which refers to the Grateful Dead, deadheads and, of course, Cherry Garcia ice cream.


  • Cuttin' Fences (Mincey)
  • Narcoossee Lucie (Mincey)
  • Preacher Hawkins (Mincey)
  • Bad Blood (Mincey)
  • Sweet Florida Sunshine (Macaluso / Mincey)
  • Osceola's Tears (Mincey)
  • What About Lucille (Mincey)
  • Echo Chipco (Mincey)
  • He's Singing with Angels (Mincey / Mincey)
  • Cherry Garcia (Mincey)
  • Slippin' Away (Mincey)
  • I Remember Wasioto (Mincey)
  • Kissimmee River Blues (Mincey)
  • Me and James (Mincey)

Musicians include;

  • Jerry Mincey - guitar, vocals
  • Renee Riddle - fiddle, mandolin, vocals
  • Ken West - mandolin

The song Cherry Garcia includes the following lyrics;

I'm sitting home eating Cherry Garcia, grateful I ain't dead.
Ben & Jerry loved ice cream and they loved the Grateful Dead,
So they whipped up the Cherry Garcia with the help of their own deadhead.
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