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Old Feathers, New Bird

Wavy Gravy

Initial release : 1988

Relix 2032

Spoken word release. Recorded live at Wolfgangs, Noe Valley Ministry, Berkeley Community Theatre, and the Great American Music Hall.


  • Green Acid at Woodstock
  • United States of Chicago
  • Nobody for President
  • Livermore or Less/The Mutant Bunny for Peace
  • Bubbles for Buddha
  • Harpo's Ladder
  • How Hugh Romney Became Wavy Gravy
  • Basic Human Needs
  • Perfect High

  • Wavy Gravy - voice
  • Richard Sales - keyboards
  • Nina Gerber - guitar
  • Wavettes (Jahanara Romney /Jenny Muldaur / Susy Barsotti) - vocals

  • Artwork, art direction - Greg Irons, Alton Kelley
  • Editing, liner notes - Paul Krassner
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