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One From The Vault

Grateful Dead

Initial release : April 1991

Grateful Dead Records GDCD-4013-2

The first vault release. Recorded live on August 13, 1975 at The Great American Music Hall


Disc 1

  • Introduction by Bill Graham
  • Help On The Way (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Franklin's Tower (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • The Music Never Stopped (Bob Weir / John Barlow)
  • It Must Have Been The Roses (Robert Hunter)
  • Eyes Of The World (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Drums (Bill Kreutzmann / Mickey Hart)
  • King Solomon's Marbles (Phil Lesh)
  • Around and Around (Chuck Berry)
Disc 2
  • Sugaree (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Big River (Johnny Cash)
  • Crazy Fingers / Drums (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • The Other One (Bob Weir / Bill Kreutzmann)
  • Sage And Spirit (Bob Weir)
  • Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (Traditional arr. Grateful Dead)
  • U.S. Blues (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Blues For Allah (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
The titles shown above are as listed on the original album cover. Some titles used on Blues For Allah and tapes, for example Slipknot!, are not included even though the relevant music appears on the discs. On the 2006 edition of One From The Vault the additional title were included on the packaging as follows.

Disc 1

  • Introduction by Bill Graham
  • Help On The Way (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Slipknot! (Garcia / Godchaux / Lesh / Weir)
  • Franklin's Tower (Garcia / Hunter)
  • The Music Never Stopped (Weir / Barlow)
  • It Must Have Been The Roses (Hunter)
  • Eyes Of The World (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Drums (Kreutzmann / Hart)
  • King Solomon's Marbles (Lesh)
  • Stronger Than Dirt (Lesh)
  • Around and Around (Berry)
Disc 2
  • Sugaree (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Big River (Cash)
  • Crazy Fingers / Drums (Garcia / Hunter)
  • The Other One (Weir / Kreutzmann)
  • Sage And Spirit (Weir)
  • Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (Traditional arr. Grateful Dead)
  • U.S. Blues (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Blues For Allah (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Sand Castles and Glass Camels (Garcia / K.Godchaux / D.Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir)
  • Unusual Occurrences In The Desert (Hunter / Garcia)

  • Jerry Garcia - guitars, vocals
  • Bob Weir - guitars, vocals
  • Keith Godchaux - keyboards, vocals
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums, percussion
  • Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
  • Donna Godchaux - vocals
  • Mickey Hart - percussion, crickets

  • Producer - Dan Healy
  • Engineer - Rob Taylor, Jeffrey Norman, Don Pearson
  • Tape archivist - Dick Latvala
  • Photography - Patti Healy
  • Package design - Fine Line Design
  • Wally Heider Remote Truck
  • Notes - Dan Healy, Don Pearson
  • Recorded on August 13, 1975 at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
  • Mixed at Club Front, San Rafael

Dan Healy provides a brief note with the album introducing the vault series;

When we completed the recording and mixing of the Blues For Allah studio album at Weir's studio, which this album was the maiden voyage for, we gathered up our instruments and equipment and moved to the Great American Music Hall. The idea was to perform live to the world, for the first time, Blues For Allah in celebration of not only the completion of the album but also the beginning of Grateful Dead Records. While this recording is one of the most widely collected, not until now has there been a high quality good sounding mix released. This represents the beginning of the release of the vault tapes. More To Come.
Don Pearson provides technical notes on the original recording and on the subsequent digital preparation in 1990 and 1991.

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As explained by Dan Healy in the notes (see above) One From The Vault is a live recording of the music that is on the album;

One From The Vault was included in the limited edition box set release; For information about other releases that include music from this period see the 1974 to 1976 section of the Dead by Date page.

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