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Our Trip Is Short Vol. 3

Your Trip Is Short

Initial release : 2019

A collection of covers of Grateful Dead and Phish related tracks by "heads from various experimental music scenes."

Tracks and performers

  • Shakedown Street - 12 Golden Country Beams
  • St. Stephen - Droot'n Company
  • Free - Great Heron Gates
  • Ass Handed - Colin Briggs
  • High Time - Carlo S. Mane
  • Buffalo Bill - MrDougDoug
  • Free (From Your Demons) - Stephen Coffey
  • Flat Brim Hats - Con Tex & Colin Briggs
  • Gatorade - Azuresands
  • Ghost - Boo Hiss
  • Cream Puff War - Colin Briggs
  • Unlimited Devotion - D’matt
  • Jerry Looks @ U Over His Glasses (That's Real Love) - Brent Mydland's 69th Beard
  • Backwards Down the Numberline - Jerry Sullen Melancholy
  • Your Zones Are Short - Juggable Offense

  • Compilation, mastering - Doug Kaplan
  • Album artwork - Alaina Stamatis

The track Flat Brim Hats uses the music of the Grateful Dead song Brown Eyed Women with a new set of lyrics.

This collection, and other volumes in the series, are available from the Your Trip Is Short Bandcamp page. The collection is accompanied by the following note:

Your Trip Is Short is a facebook group initially started as a place for Dead/Phish-heads from various experimental music scenes to congregate and share laughs about ole Jerr Bear and Papa Trey while waiting for the next noise band to play in some basement somewhere. It seems likely that in time it will became a place to share laughs about ole Jerr Bear and Papa Trey while waiting for our social security checks to arrive.

This is the third annual compilation of Dead and Phish covers (and music inspired by the general GD/Ph universe) made by a few of the talented members of the group.
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