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Out On The Rolling Sea

A tribute to the music of Joseph Spence & the Pinder family

Various Artists

Initial release : 1994

Hokey Pokey 2004

This charity tribute album includes one track performed solo by Tom Constanten and one track with David Grisman.


  • On the Rolling Sea When Jesus Came to Speak To Me
  • Kneelin' Down Inside the Gate
  • Afindrafindrao
  • Sloop John B.
  • Blow Wind Blow
  • Tsiaro
  • People Get Ready
  • Although the Lord Be High Above
  • Tsy Fotoanna Mahafinaritra Ve Izao? / I Ain't Got Long To Stay On This Island
  • The Crow
  • Great Dreams from Heaven
  • A Chilling Tale: Harcourt Drowned/Troublesome Water
  • Don't Let Nobody Burn Down Burma Road
  • Carmen Goes to Bimini
  • Stealin'
  • Good Morning Mr. Walker / Wait Til Morning
  • Goodnight Irene
  • Out on the Rolling Sea
  • I Bid You Goodnight
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album cover

album cover


The musicians playing on each track of this album are as follows.

On the Rolling Sea When Jesus Came to Speak To Me;

  • Van Dyke Parks - keyboards, vocal
Kneelin' Down Inside the Gate;
  • Jody Stecher - lead vocal
  • Kate Brislin - treble vocal
  • Larry Hanks - bass vocal
  • David Lindley -: bouzouki
Sloop John B. ;
  • Ron Kavana - all vocals, instruments
Blow Wind Blow;
  • Taj Mahal - guitar, vocals
  • Tarika Sa
    Hanitrarivo Rasoanaivo - vocals, korintsana
    Tina Norosoa Raharimalala - vocals
    Samoela Andriamalalaharijaona - guitar, marovany
    Solomon Ratianarinaivo - valiha
People Get Ready;
  • David Grisman - mandolin
  • Marc Silber - guitar
Although the Lord Be High Above ;
  • Victoria Williams - vocals, guitar
  • Tammy Rogers - violin, viola
  • Greg Leisz - pedal steel
  • Don Falzone - upright bass
  • Don Heffington - bass drum
  • Andrew Williams - background Vocals
Tsy Fotoanna Mahafinaritra Ve Izao? (I Ain't Got Long To Stay On This Island);
  • Rossy - valiha
  • Paul Hostetter - acoustic guitar, kabosy, baritone guitar
  • Panayotis Dourantonis - percussion
The Crow;
  • Wavy Gravy - vocals
  • Henry Kaiser - bass guitar
  • Steve Kimock - guitar
Great Dreams from Heaven;
  • Michael Chapman - electric guitar
A Chilling Tale: Harcourt Drowned/Troublesome Water;
  • 3 Mustaphas 3
    Kemo Mustapha - accordion, baroque string
    Hijaz; Mustapha - bouzouks, chorus
    Uncle Patrel Mustapha - narrator, cumbus, bass, land-drums
    Hajtuo Mustapha - sea-drums, creaks, bubbles
Don't Let Nobody Burn Down Burma Road;
  • Tom Constanten - keyboards
Carmen Goes to Bimini;
  • Mitch Greenhill - guitar
  • Mayne Smith - guitar
  • Ralph McTell - guitar, vocal
Good Morning Mr. Walker / Wait Til Morning;
  • Niles Hokkanen - lead vocal, mandolin, maraccas
  • Ron Goad - drums, guiro
  • Eric Dove - electric bass
  • Debbie Hokkanen - vocals
Goodnight Irene;
  • Japheth Dean - guitar, vocal
Out on the Rolling Sea;
  • James Luther Dickinson - piano, vocal, french harp, pump organ, fotdella
  • Luther Dickinson - guitar, sitar
  • Cody Dickinson - drums
  • "T-Bone" Tommy Burroughs - violin
  • Ji Jim Spake - saxophone, squeeze box
  • Al "Fish" Herring - trumpet
  • Larry Nager - mandella, mando-cello
  • Jimmy Crosthwait - washboard
I Bid You Goodnight;
  • Blue Murder

    Eliza Carthy; lead vocals
    Lal Waterson; Norma Waterson, Jim Boyes, Martin Carthy, Barry Coope, Lester Simpson & Mike Waterson: vocals


  • Producer - Jody Stecher, Ron Kavana, Ian Anderson, David Grisman, Marc Silber, Victoria Williams, David Williams, Mike Chapman, Shadow Mustapha
  • Engineer - Mike Cogan, Nathaniel Kunkel, Kevin Scott, Ron Kavana, Joe Podlesny, Adam Askew, Ralph Jordan, David Dennison, David Vaught, Bernard Ramroth, Oliver DiCicco, Ken Eberhard, Richard Thompson, Hajtuo Mustapha, Terry Ryan, Phil Goshorn, Wayne Estes, Guy Droussart, Eric Flettrich, Jim Boyes
  • Digital Compilation - Ian Lynn at Chaldon Heath Steam Railway
  • Mastering - Denis Blackham at Porky's Mastering, London
  • This compilation produced by Hokey, Pokey and Kaiser
  • Liner Notes - Jody Stecher
  • Photography - Guy Droussart
  • We would like to thank all the contributing musicians, engineers & friends without whom the HOKEY POKEY charity collections would not happen. Thanks also to Jim Hudson, Rod Reading & The Royal Bank of Scotland; Ian A. Anderson; Mo Austin; Joel Bernstein; Michael Bickley; Georgina Boyes; Danny Carnahan; Ken Coombs; Robert Coward of Valentine Ellis & Co.; Andrew Cronshaw; John Denton, Mick Alexander-Wright and all at Nimbus; Guy Droussart; Tony Engle & everyone at Topic-Direct; Peter Filleul; Jack Foxon of E. Coward & Co.; David Gans; Jerry Garcia; David Greenburg at Rykodisc USA; Dave Peabody; Chuck Prophet; John Renbourn; Linda Ronstadt; Chris Strachwitz; Rick Streiker; Pat Taylor; John Tobler; Ray Williams; Phil Wilson; and Robin Williamson. Especial love and thanks to the indulgent families Hokey & Pokey
  • All profits from the sale of the Hokey Pokey charity collections are being distributed to schools and charities working with disabled children.