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Playing In The Band, Seattle, Washington 5/21/74

Grateful Dead

Initial release : 2018


A limited edition LP release of Playing In The Band performed at the HEC Edmundson Pavilion, University of Washington, Seattle on May 21, 1974. The LP was released on Record STore Day, November 23, 2018.


Side A:

  • Playing In The Band
Side B:
  • Playing In The Band (continued)

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals
  • Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
  • Keith Godchaux - piano
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
  • Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals

  • Producer - Grateful Dead
  • Producer for release - David Lemieux
  • Recording Kidd Candelario
  • Mastering Jeffrey Norman
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