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Pianist Envy

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

Initial release : 1994

Hightone 8051

This release includes a song called Mama Was a Deadhead.

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  • Introduction
  • The Go-To-Hell Boots
  • First House Of Polyester Worship (Wirtz)
  • Official Greeting
  • Old Versus New Country Music
  • A Few Quick Impressions
  • Song Intro And Conversation
  • Butt For The Grace (Wirtz)
  • Another Intro And More Conversation
  • The King Gets A Day Job (Koller/Wirtz)
  • Son Of Intro And Conversation
  • Margarita Hell (Koller/Wirtz)
  • Roberta (Wirtz)
  • Abbott And Costello Meet Intro And Conversation
  • Mama Was A Deadhead (Wirtz)
  • Big Jess (Wirtz)
  • I Was A Teenage Intro And Conversation
  • Daddy Was A Sensitive Man (Koller/Wirtz)
  • Intro And Conversation That Would Not Die
  • Freeway To Stairbird (Wirtz)
  • Mennonite Surf Party (Driver/Wirtz)
  • Amazingly Unrehearsed Spontaneous Wild Applause Leading To The Encore
  • 4th Wife Blues (Koller/Wirtz)
This track list is a mix of songs and between song talk and sketches.


  • Billy C. Wirtz - piano, vocals

  • Producer - Billy C. Wirtz, Harry Simmons
  • Executive producer - Harry Simmons
  • Engineer - Michael Edwards, Mark Williams
  • Assistant Engineer - Dave Puryear
  • Mastering - Chris Bellman
  • Photography - Peter Damroth