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Pickin' On Jerry Garcia

Various Artists

Initial release : 2001

C.M.H. Productions

Bluegrass versions of songs written by Garcia, or recorded / performed by Garcia bands.

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  • Love In The Afternoon
  • Bird Song
  • Gomorrah
  • What Goes Around
  • The Wheel
  • I Second That Emotion
  • Loser
  • Deal
  • Cats Under The Stars
  • To Lay Me Down
  • Rhapsody In Red
  • Sugaree
  • When Your Heart's On Fire (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)


The musicians on the tracks are;

  • Love In The Afternoon - Albert Lee/Lorenzo Martinez/David West
  • Bird Song - John Rosenburg/David West
  • Gomorrah - Dennis Fetchet/David West
  • What Goes Around - Albert Lee/Tom Ball/Tom Lackner/David West
  • The Wheel - Al Di Marco/Bob Nichols/David West
  • I Second That Emotion - Tom Ball/David West
  • Loser - John McFee/David West
  • Deal - Bill Flores/Bob Nichols/Al Di Marco/Jody Eulitz/David West
  • Cats Under The Stars - Tom Ball/Tom Lackner/David West
  • To Lay Me Down - John McFee/David West
  • Rhapsody In Red - Dennis Fetchet/David West
  • Sugaree - Al Di Marco/Bob Nichols/David West
  • When Your Heart's On Fire (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes) - David West

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